2D & 3D Visuals

2D & 3D Visuals

AI-generated illustrations offer a new range of possibilities, with astonishing quality, and are already being widely used in advertising campaigns, both online and offline.
Interested in the possibilities for your campaign? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to tell you about all the options. Here are a few examples.


For CenterParcs, we have developed multiple characters. One example is the 3D upgrade we gave to the CenterParcs PéPéTéVé figures. These characters have been visualized in various poses for different purposes, such as menu cards, point of sale materials, and merchandise. All of these assets are currently in use at CenterParcs parks.


For the development of a mobile cooking studio for CenterParcs, we have created the visuals (artist’s impression) that were used to produce this cooking studio in reality. These mobile cooking studios are used by the animation team of CenterParcs to educate children about nutrition.


For Landal Greenparcs, we have developed a proposal to modernize the communication of Bollo the Bear and the character itself. Essentially, it’s a Bollo the Bear 2.0. These proposals have resulted in various signage installations at Landal parks and a pre-arrival package for visitors. The pre-arrival package includes, among other things, 3D visualizations of maps, a passport booklet with tasks, stamp cards, and a scavenger hunt map.


For Albron CenterParcs, we have developed the following visuals for the presentation of the Fuego Adventure Grill Restaurant concept. All of these visuals were used in the final implementation at the parks, both in the menu cards and for the facade signage.


For PME Legend, we have developed the concept visuals below. Based on these visuals, the final aftershave bottles were created. Thanks to this visualization, it was easier for the producer to sell the concept and streamline the production process.


Dutch Animation Studios also offers realistic 3D interior visuals. This can include a 360° view, fully digital and suitable for product presentations, for example. The option of integrating augmented reality content is also available.


* In collaboration with Stepfive Communication & Design.